Brailsford Planning New 2020 Target For Sky

Team Sky boss Sir Brailsford is on a plan for a great overhaul of the long-term vision that he has been dream for his team post the failure to triumph at 2014 Grand Tour.

Sir Dave, who led Sky to 2 great triumphs on a row at Tour France with Bradley Wiggins & Chris Froome as champs in 2012 & 2013, admitted the fact that his squad’s sustained success might have affected the 2014 fate.

His team got dropped from a stellar 2nd to a much lower 9th stand in World Tour UCI Team ranks which prompted Dave to quit his position with Brit Cycling to commit himself to Sky with full vigor. Continue reading

The Clever Bike Lanes Of Netherlands

Netherlands has more population of cycles today than residents and so keeping in mind the problems relating to the economic crisis globally, the engineers have made bicycle lanes that are environment friendly, cost effective and even winter-proof. This is an innovation that cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world. The Van Gogh-Roosegaar…