25 thoughts on “Cadel Evans’ BMC TT01 time trial bike at Tour de France 2010”

  1. For this price I can buy two carbon racing recumbents or a velomobile
    which. Both recumbent and velomobile are MUCH faster than this bike. BMC
    TT01 bike is beautiful but slow and extremely uncomfortable compared to
    recumbents and velomobiles…

  2. @stanlobo123 its just hidden by the aero dynamic once piece fork / handle
    bars and stem.

  3. @mekore I am not interested in racing. I am not a pro rider, my friend. I
    am only average amateur cyclist. BUT the most important thing for me is
    that on my high racer from Optima I ride as fast as pro cyclists on their
    racing DF bikes. And I can ride for hours and hours with no pain in back,
    neck and wrists… For me the speed and comfort are very important. That is
    why I don’t ride “ordinary” bike. It is not fast enough for me. If you try
    low or hi racer one day you will understand… 😉

  4. one reason i think is because of cadel’s height, he can afford to lay low
    on the bars without breathing problem issues.

  5. Those bars are so low that you can time trial and file your nails at the
    same time.

  6. wouldn’t that put so much pressure on the crotch? And he’s not even using a
    TT saddle!

  7. @mekore I was comparing bicycles to bicycles (and velomobiles)… Motorbike
    is not a human powered vehicle and is MUCH less energy efficient than

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