Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans, has declared Sydney as one of the few places he would not ride in.

He made this statement when he went to Sydney to launch his autobiography.

He believed that the city posed a great danger to the sport. In a recent interview, he said “I’m not intimidated to ride in many places but Sydney is one of them”.

Evan believed that the road users have little respects for one another. Meanwhile, he gave complaints that the streets are narrow, the cycling infrastructures were poor, and that the distance from CBD to a good riding area was far.

He also said: “This could apply to many places in Australia but in Sydney the traffic is concentrated because the population is concentrated so that lack of respect and sometimes aggression is concentrated.”

The former champion said he was not accusing drivers but that his grievance was towards all road users- the bike riders, car drivers, truck drivers. And he believed respect for one another would help the users of the road.

According to him, he was not complaining because he was a bike rider but that he, like a lot of people was also a road user.

Evan who came to Sydney to launch his book ‘The Art of Cycling‘ has shown himself to be a fan of Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s works towards making Sydney a friendlier place for cyclers and also create more paths for bikes. He believes that the mayor had put a lot of effort into making Sydney a rider’s utopia but that she had a lot of challenges ahead.

He said, “The mayor is doing a fantastic job. She’s doing what’s possible but she has a lot of obstacles.” Consequentially, Evan, has declared Sydney as a place that intimidates his riding.